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Frequently Asked Questions


MaxiRider features:

• With MaxiRider’s patented Row-&-Cycle Motion, you get one machine featuring two types of workouts.

• It helps you burn fat and sculpt your muscles.

• Eight levels of magnetic resistance for a customized strength and cardio workout.

• Has a weight limit of up to 330 lbs (150 Kg)


What is MaxiRider?

MaxiRider is a 2-in-1 stationary bike that provides an effective full-body workout with its unique patented row and cycle cycling and rowing motion design. Every MaxiRider workout builds strength, burns fat, and improves your cardiovascular health. Best of all, you’ll see incredible results in half the time of a traditional workout.

Is MaxiRider safe?

Yes, MaxiRider is safe to use because it uses your body weight as resistance.

I don’t work out regularly, will MaxiRider be too intense for me?

No, the MaxiRider is a great cardio and strength training workout for beginners and athletes.

What is the maximum user weight for MaxiRider?

The maximum user weight is 330 pounds.

Does MaxiClimber have a warranty?

Yes, the MaxiRider has a one year warranty. If you have any issues, or have questions please contact customer service directly at 888 372 2292.